Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sometimes i shy because i tells the words frontally here and i ever thinking that you've read this. Maybe i don't know. I don't care that you read this blog. But, i'm afraid that if you read this blog, you'll hate me more. Umm. I don't meant to frontally, i just write what i wanna write. And if you get offended, i'm sorry. Hahaha. I'm so over over confident. I think that you always visits my blog, but in fact you're not. Just forget it. I've read your newest status. Your status make me thinkin that 'you' refers to me. Maybe i'm not wrong, hehe. Yes you are. You make me more to be mature :) I feel itself. When i'm thinking and when i'm doing. Piecemeal, change. I thanks to you. Thankieeeeeeeees :D

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