Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 days again!!!

So long we build this friendship, almost two yeaaaarrss!! Ya, 5 days again! 5 days again we will get 2 years. We have planning, fasting together at that day :) Hope the planning will be success. There are many stories we spent at the past. We know, we not just through a beautiful things, the miserably also became our stories. Some troubles, anger, sadly. All the thing that we've ever did. Makes us better, aamiin. And umm..i don't know what kind of the things that i wanna tell here. We just simple friendship, just hope it'll never end and never be apart forever. Till we have grandchild maybe :D Everlasting! We want it. We must be strong to face the days ahead. Don't ever look back just for regret all the bad things. We can see those to learn it and make it become experience. Remember when we were on JHS. Yaa, cause we made it all when we still on JHS. I love my JHS cause i found one 'nenene' in here that a long time before it i ever faced it. hehe. I should give you photos when we were JHS :D

our first completely photos. Look, that i was sooo dark there :( it just a bad camera effect. Pleasee :D hehehe

iuwww, we're so cute, right? haha we spent that day on Arsy's home
Agest, please guess, girl/boy? wkwkwk

And see the changeover. When we are on SHS :D
fasting together with JHS alumnus

During almost 2 years, we have much changeover, from an individual or in a whole of us. As a bestfriend, we always remind each other to moving and change to the better thing, and never get the worse. But, we just human and we'll never being perfect. Sometimes we did something wrong, but as we can, we should forgive the wrong one and give the better way. It is the true friendship. Advicing when we're wrong, happy when we're happy, and there when needed :)


Let me know your thoughts about this post, I'm happy to see it ;)