Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one day for silvi

It should be posted on 03 April 2011
This day, oke uhmm, actually i still so sad because of him. huh whatever :D now i got some happiness with my friends, Silvi, Nisa, Lita, Zahra, Tiara, and also Arsya
We were, me, Nisa, Zahra, and Lita, go to Silvi's home, for saw her new brother :) he's so cuuuute! we also gave him some stuffs for baby. And peeps, Silvi had birthday on 10 March, and we're so much sorry silvi. for  the gift that given to much late. Cause we're confused to manage our money, and even she had a birthday, we're didn't gave anygift. And taraaaaaa, took photos :) but Lita already leave.
not too bad -_-"

Okaaay, after we went to Silvi's home, we go to Tiara's home, for pick Arsy and Tiara up. The planning was accompanied Silvi to buy a gift for his boy :) it is drum stick which carved by their name and their anniversary. Sweeet :) But not just it, there was some planned too.
The first destination: Going to Music Shop, or we bought it on Book Store, hehehe. She found a stick here and bought it,
okaaay, next destination: we went to Semarang Kidul, a district that 'he' live :) :( but i can't visited him huh. We in here looking for a carvemen and stayed for a while at Evelin's kost, but the carvemen have moved since a long time. So, she carved it self.
third destination: Arsy had a gift for the sister of her ex-boyfriend, hihi Soooo, with the rain we were going to The sister-in-law's house.
The end destination: go back to Tiara's home and gave Silvi a gift :)
when we were heading to Tiara's home, we got the heavy rain, and our body were wet! hah, i remember when i and him hanging out and the heavy rain flushed us :') too much sweet, i miss him. haaaaah
The way she opened up the gift
We all got a wet! -_-" but we always took some photos hehe

We were to much to go to any place, right? hahaha
That day is so cheerful and make me forget the problem that i have :(


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