Wednesday, December 15, 2010


     It's cute. And make my feel so bright. haha. I got it for my friend. I bought it so cheap. So so so so so cheap. U can't think how cost it is. Don't think anymore. It's less than USD 1!! Actually i want it with purple color but the item just provide this color and mater.
     I'll tell a story. This's the real story that happening now! Me. Maybe. U'll never feel what i feel now. The most pain in my life. TOOTHACHE!!!!!! Hell so! I can't eat something hot, something cool, and i can't eat an icecream.. Oh soo... It's totally make my daily activity disturbed. I won't this friday, my cheek gonna be bubble. Bubble bubble and gumble. This friday's so special day for him and i must feel it a happy day too. No more toothache. No more bubble cheek. I hope-_- haah

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