Monday, September 27, 2010

i don't know what i feel

rain is fallin and the air is so cold. . huh. . i don't know what i feel. gak percaya! huh. .kenapa? I know that i can't have you. But you so amazed me.
Football. Football match at Pekauman. I and Gayuh were late to see it. Just a view minutes i stay there. Then i go home. With Ganang till Wage Market, and with Rendy until my home. Ouh. Must i tell it?
So cold now. Nobody know what i feel. Since at that moment. Emh. But i'm not sure at that time. It just for flowing. Cause, there's upup who love someone and always make me jealous. ―And that girl, make me envy! Although se also my friend―. Padahal gue udah yakin banget gue sayang sama lo! And now, i don't know what, maybe after that moment. Emm. . Huh. ―Terlalu terbuka kalo diceritain disini. Kalo ada yang baca, ntar bakal ketauan deh ternyata gue suka sama. . . .―

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